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Customer reviews for Flowform 214 Kite w/ 82 ft Banner Tail $579.00

These kites fly flawlessly. Quality is easily equal to any other flowforms out there and the price is fantastic as well. Can't ask for a much nicer lifting kite than these.

Grest Buy
I have a sutton 125 and 252. These kites are equal in quality and flying characteristics at a very reasonable price. An experienced flyer can manage the 13ft in moderate wind conditions. I like the fact I can package and save with a banner tail. Execellent value.

flow form
Sam FL
My friend it TX told me about these kites. This set a new standard of great flying lifters at very reasonable prices. I expect to see a lot of these on flying fields. Service was good and kite was delivered in 4 days. Have a great flying weekend! PS add a streamer on the tail.

Pilot Kites
yoman LA
Yup, this is it. I have purchased several pilot kites for large line laundry. This kite with tail is a good as it gets. Great quality and kite delivery. Was out of my tail selection... Kite was very stable without the tail. Tail did arrive 9 days after the kite. No complaint was very happy with tail.

Wayne NJ
Came to this site after reading about on kite forum. Every time I came it was out of stock. Finally called and put order on file. Was very happy to get the in-stock call. Now I realize why it was always out of stock...unbelievable value and quality. This was well worth the wait. If you think this kite is great wait to you buy the Jelly Fish kite.

Custom Design
I did not purchase this kite, but instead called and had a custom color design make for me. The service was outstanding. Ordered the custom 214 with a custom 82 ft tail. Took 15 to get in and three day to ship to me. I was thrilled with the quality of the kite and tail. My flying friends buy from another big kite site and could not believe what I got for $499.00. They paid over $800 for just a kite and my kite actually a more stable flying than their kites.

Kite Life
Greg CT
I found an article on Kite Life telling flyers not to buy kites here because these people were just programers with a kite site trying to ship wreck the industry. Then I ran into these people while on vacation in Hampton NH. What a kite display on Wednesday at the state park. I watch these people give-a-ways kite to bus loads of kids and provide kite instruction to the watching public. I'm very disappointed with Kite Life and comments that appear to come form the underground of the kiting industry. Then when I check the pricing on the Flow Form I understand the purpose of the forum comment about the company. I purchase a flow form, Panda Bear and Jelly Fish. The quality and service was outstanding. Truly disappointed with Kite Life and the totally unjustified comments...but it's the internet and people can say anything. But if Kite Life did not try to destroy this business I would never have found for me!

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51 inch Swallowtail Butterfly Kite from HQ - Including Line
51 inch Swallowtail Butterfly Kite from HQ - Including Line
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60 in Thunderbird Kite - Rainbow Geometric
60 in Thunderbird Kite - Rainbow Geometric
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72 inch Manu Green Delta Kite with 12ft Streamers Tails
72 inch Manu Green Delta Kite with 12ft Streamers Tails
On Line Price $27.99
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90 in Thunderbird Kite - Rainbow Geometric
90 in Thunderbird Kite - Rainbow Geometric
On Line Price $34.95
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