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NewTech Kites - 5' Box Delta Kite Review
Buy Now: Click Here

Manufacture: NewTech Kites
Name: 5 foot Box Delta
Price: $16.89 (FWW club member price)
Description: This a variation of a delta kite
Skill Level: Well suited for children and adults

Test Results

We flew/tested the NewTech 5 foot Spectrum (rainbow) and Meridan Box Delta kites in a wind range from about 8 to 12 MPH.   In this wind range the kite flew steady. The instructions state the wind range to be 7 to 20 MPH.
We estimate the recommended/realistic and safe wind range to be about 7 to 14 MPH.  We recommend attaching longer tails to the kite at the higher wind range to improve stability. FYI: Around 18 MPH sand starts to move/blow across the beach where we test our kites.

Kite Contents: 5 foot box delta kite, 2 detachable short tails, 50 pound test line on a plastic hand winder, vinyl storage bag, instructions.

The dimensions of the kite are 60 inches wide x 27 inches high.

The kite requires no modifications to the bridle. Assembly is quick and easy.  Just insert the cross spar into the side pockets. Make sure the leading edge spars are pushed all the way down towards the back of the kite.
The instructions are clear to understand using both text and diagrams.

The sail is made of ripstop nylon. The sail is hemmed for durability. There are two tail attachments.

The small sail area of this kite lends itself  best for visual appeal at a height up to about 100 feet.

Summary: At a club member price of $16.89, the NewTech 5 foot Box Delta is a good value.
The NewTech 5 foot box delta comes in different designs:
Spectrum (rainbow), Hazard, Meridian


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