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Stunt Kite Nock Covers
Stock Number: 01-0190

Vinyl Caps cover the split nock on the leading edge of stunt kites. keeps ties from getting loose and stops flight lines from getting tangled during trick manovers. 

01-0190 - Fits Avia .196 TO .240 Split nocks and HQ knocks 3mm and 4mm
01-0191 - Fits HQ knocks 5mm, 6mm, 6.3mm and 7mm and most FlyingWings stunt Kites

Product#DescriptionPK of 4Enter Qty
01-0190Split Nock Covers Package of 4 2.40
01-0191Split Nock Covers Package of 4 2.40

Vinyl End Caps Package of Six
Stock Number: 30-0170


Vinyl End Caps (VEC) are best known for protecting the ends of your spars, end caps also save wear and tear on your sail fabric from spar abrasion. Vinyl End Caps can be used to slip over wing tip nocks for protection and to prevent the flying line from getting snagged. There are so many sizes to choose from you can find a multitude of uses for them. Try for a snug fit so that you won’t have to glue them on. Do this by choosing a size slightly smaller than the diameter of your spar. For example, if you have .240” carbon rod you would choose the VEC.234 inch. Vinyl end Caps are listed from smallest to largest size. The VEC.156 inch L and VEC.215 inch L are extra long (1.25 inch).  L indicated lenght in inches. VEC value is the OD in inches.

Product#DescriptionPK of 6Enter Qty
30-062SVEC.062 inch x .50L 1.11
30-080SVEC.080 inch x .50L 1.11
30-093SVEC.093 inch x .50L 1.11
30-109SVEC.109 inch x .50L 1.11
30-125LVEC.125 inch x 1.0L 1.17
30-156LVEC.156 inch x .75L 1.11
30-172LVEC.172 inch x .75L 1.11
30-203LVEC.203 inch x .75L 1.11
30-207LVEC.207 inch x 1.0L 1.11
30-234SVEC.234 inch x .50S 1.11
30-281LVEC.281 inch x 1.0L 1.11
30-281SVEC.281 inch x .50L 1.10
30-312LVEC.312 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-312SVEC.312 inch x .50L 1.10
30-347LVEC.347 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-406LVEC.406 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-406SVEC.406 inch x .50L 1.10
30-437LVEC.437 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-437SVEC.437 inch x .50L 1.10
30-437XLVEC.437 inch x 1.5L 1.20
30-468LVEV.468 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-468SVEV.468 inch x .50L 1.10
30-531LVEC.531 inch x 1.0L 1.14
30-531SVEC.531 inch x .50L 1.10
30-562SVEC.562 inch x .50L 1.10
30-562XLVEC.562 inch x 1.5L 1.20

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