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Single line kites are the fundamental starting point for all beginners of all ages. You will find a large variety of kites available in the single line category. Most are easy to fly (with a few exceptions) and can be flown by all ages.  The vast majority of single line kites fall into four basic groups, diamonds or eddys, deltas, box kites and para-foils. Other kite designs include: cellular, rokkaku, sleds and designer kites.

 Spars or sticks are used to hold the shape on most single line kites with the exception of para-foils. Para-foils use air pockets that fill with air to hold the shape of the kite.

Pare-foils are also great travel companions; they tend to pack in a nice neat small package and can fit in your trunk or luggage with no problem.


The basic price differential between most single line kites is the size and material use in the design execution or in the manufacturing process. Size is easy, the larger the kite up goes the price. A 30-inch diamond vs. a 40-inch diamond is about a 20% increase in price. The sail can be make of various cost levels of kite material ranging from poly plastic, Rip-stop nylon and the upscale polyester fabrics like Icarex.


Flying Line is another area often overlooked in the purchase of a kite. In today market most if not all beginner kites include line and are advertised as 'Ready to Fly'. Most beginners kites include twisted nylon kite line. The upgrade of that line would be braded poly line. The need for braded poly is only required in the larger size kite groups.


Kite tails play an important part in the flight performance of most kites. The tail helps keep the most wind in the kite and gives the kite balance. Be sure any diamond or delta kite you purchase includes a tail, usually a 10 to 12-foot tail will do fine on a 30-inch diamond or 54 in delta.


 In today's design arena most kites have moved away from wood sticks and utilize solid or hollow fiberglass framing.  When purchasing a kite online be sure to check and confirm that all the construction material. Kites purchased online direct from China may be constructed with fiberglass that contains a cardboard filler.


The biggest price difference falls in the way the kite sail is manufactures; screen-printed or appliqué design. Screen-printed kites utilize a printing process where-as multi color design is achieved in a printing process on the sail fabric. Appliqué design utilizes executes the design by stitching together pieces of color fabric to create the desired sail design. Both designs fly easy but the screen-printed design may start to fade over a short period of time depending on the use and exposure. Most appliqué designs are more durable; the most ripstop nylon material is treated with fade resistance chemical.


With all this said what do I buy for my first flight (all ages)?


We recommend the following:

Age : 10 years and over

Design: 29 to 30 inch Diamond or 54 to 68 inch Delta

Frame: Fiberglass

Sail: Rip-stop Nylon

Sail Design: Screen Printed or Appliqué

Line: Twisted Nylon 20 to 30 lb x Min 300 ft.

Tail: 10 to 14 feet

Price Range: 30” Diamond $9.99 to 18.99 – 54” Delta $12.99 to $18.99


Age : 5 to 9 years and over

Design: 25 inch Diamond 

Frame: Fiberglass

Sail: Rip-stop Nylon

Sail Design: Screen Printed or Appliqué

Line: Twisted Nylon 20lb x Min 300 ft.

Tail: 10 to 14 feet

Price Range: 25” Diamond $7.99 to $12.99


First design: the delta and diamond are in fact the easiest kites to fly. The main buying point on these designs is a tail. Both designs require a tail for maximum kite performance. 10-foot tail should be ample for a 30 diamond and a 54-inch delta. Beware buyer for diamond or delta kites for sale without a tail. If the product description online does not mention a tail you are more than likely not getting a tail.


Second Frame: Fiberglass, not much to discuss here since most kites are fiberglass frame. Be sure the online description is Fiberglass frame. Also be aware kites purchase from sites direct from China may have a different fiberglass construction that contain cardboard fiber.


Third Sail: Rip-stop Nylon, you need a fabric the will hold up to a little abuse and bad launching Poly kites or plastic, if you can't get past a few bad launching can end your day quickly. Be sure the product description online specifies Rip-Stop nylon.


Sail Design: Screen-printed will get you the best value for your dollar. Most people just pick a design based on visual appeal. If you have a choice of screen-printed or appliqué for around the same price point go for the appliqué. More durable and the colors hold up longer than printing.


Line: usually the 20 to 30 lb twisted nylon about 300 feet will do fine for your first flight experience. The winder usually includes a small plastic winder to get started. Please be aware if you wind the line to tight it will bend or warp the handle. Make sure the kite specification include how many feet of line you are getting. if not specified it's pot luck.


Tail: This is an important area often overlooked in first kite purchase. Diamond or delta you will require at lease a 10 foot tail, ideal is ten foot 2 ply...good deal.


Online Shopping: most online kite sites offer a 'VIEW DETAILS' that provides full product description and details that cover most of not all the pre-mentioned items. If you cannot get all the above details...buyer beware! Another hit you are not doing wise shopping is if a site does not have and address or location of the site with an easy to find phone number (800 or TOLL FREE) you need to think twice about your purchase.


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